I felt it helped me in polishing my self ,now I feel like that no other education or error is left in me to rule this struggling word . I felt that , this course can be reached to every individual in a country. This course is necessary for every young blood, who want to do something Exclusive.

It is an excellent course. I really enjoyed though rally!! Sangeeta ji thought me each and everything I wanted to know!! thanks a lot !!!!! sangeeta ji has collected all the Pearls in this course.

It was d most amazing and to be precise most productive course for me ………I did lot of homework before joining any classes in ncr and ultimately I zeroed up on it despite the fact that it was in north delhi and I was in extreme south delhi…….. the most beautiful aspect of course was that it teaches u to BE YOURSELF funda and not to copy others ……. We all can just like those whom we admire and whenever we r willing to give our full efforts and start consciously reviewing our own actions and activities, we r able to make bring changes in our life …. And I would like to quote one of Sangeeta mam’s favourite punchline “it’s all in your head”…. What we think we become …. And its all under our control, what we want to achive in life . I would like to recommend all of u join this course and believe me it is worth of money u pay……….

I have got a brilliant dimension. This type of classes can help every one because I believe in such sort of programme its really very helpful even I am very much obliged to Sangeeta mam, she is really a good orator as well as good counselor. I must recommend to those who has not know about himself/herself. As a person I enjoyed the classes so much…………thanx mam

It was a second school to me ………. N according to me every one should join such program. it doesn’t matter if you are young or old . Business man or into a job. House wife or working and believe me its not that only person who are facing some kind of problem. Should join …. Its for every one out there. Becoz as we grow n get occupied by our responsibilities, we intend to forget the very basic and simple concepts of our life to make it worthwhile. This programme will definitely give u an edge in ur personality over others with some tips n tricks. To end with ……. It’s a good concept………. IT NOT ONLY CHANGES HOW PEOPLE SEE U BUT ALSO HOW U SEE THE WORLD

Life seemed like a bed of thorns until I met Sangeeta Monga Mam, who made it seem like a bed of roses.The classes were not mere lectures, rather they were therapeutic sessions for me. After each class I felt calmer, happier and more positive.Sangeeta mam delivers the lectures in a very practical, simple and interactive manner, allowing us to share our feelings and experiences whether good or bad. One learns to identify his or her true personality, learns to have a grip over ones feelings, activate the" inner Adult" and also how to have a better self image and esteem. Sangeetas Personality Development and Grooming Classes are EXCELLENT!!! Thank You a lot Sangeeta Mam. Join it and feel the positive change in you.
By Sampurna 21January 2012

A fantabulous experience dats wat i can say!! It has taught me a lot. I hv cum to knw abt my inner personality which was an enlightening experience. The way sangeeta mam teaches u the small aspects of our day to day behaviour an hw v can improve it is jst grt.This course has realy helpd me to build my confidence . Initialy i wasn't willing to join dis course bt wen i joind it i came to knw wat i was missin in lyf. Mam has helped me to chnge my paradigm an i hv become more positive nw. Pls guys do join dis course cz nly after joining dis course u ll knw hw gud u r an hw gud u cn b wd oders.

I joined the grooming course at Sangeeta's Classes six months back. The course content is very good and it helped me a lot in realizing my abilities and more importantly my problem areas.Sangeeta mam is very friendly and she always had the solutions of all my problems. I joined the course with a motive to develop self-confidence and communication skills which I required to have before starting my job as I got placed in TCS(Tata Consultancy Services). Now when I am working, I am realizing the importance of the grooming course which I did at Sangeeta's. I am more confident, efficient and I know my strengths and weaknesses. Personality development is a life-long process and it requires a lot of efforts and 'consciousness' from one's side, but the course at Sangeeta's classes give this process a right direction and the motivation it requires. Rest depends on the individual. Thanks Sangeeta mam for your support and help. Thanks a lot.
Zafar khan

One day I was sitting and watching the movie “Chhoti se Bat”, in which Amol Palekar inspite of having everything was not getting the due importance in his professional and personal life/work. watching the movie, I realized that even I was also not getting the due importance/credit as I expected. This made me search for a teacher who could guide me effectively. I than, searched for various types of courses and finally decided that this was the course I was looking for. Attending the classes, I found out that Sangeeta Mam whois an expert in understanding the human pshycology brought out the do's and don’ts in me. Today I know, I am confident enough to demand the importance/credit and respect, I expect from others. I look upon Sangeeta Mam with appreaciation and offer my sincere thanks for bringing out the excellent in me which belongs to me, which I was unaware. I therefore feel and suggest that one should join this course if they feel lack of self-confidance or are hesistant to take decesions at times.
With warm regards

Sangeeta's Personality Development and Grooming classes was a good experience for me.I had read lots n lots of self-help books before joining these classes and because of those books and self-introspection, I knew what was wrong with me and what I need to do to get myself on track..but every time I tried and I failed.When I first joined this course , I never thought of it to be focussing mostly on your behaviour analysis to enhance your personality.Well, here in this course I became aware of the link I have been missing that could help me come out of the depths of my problems.I would say this course is basically a amalgamation of every possible self-help book and that too in brief .You will be able to analyse your life and would be able to demarcate good and bad ,but in the end, it would be upto you to help yourself and decide what you want for yourself.Most importantly,Sangeeta mam is a very patient and amicable person that these classes seem more like therapy sessions

I always had difficulty in Managing Emotions.I joined Maam's classes with the intention of starting a journey towards becoming a better person.I thoroughly enjoyed all the Classes,and my favorite was the one where i realized that everyone of us has a child,parent, and an adult in us;and it is this interplay, which constitutes our personalty.Undoubtedly,i find myself to be a better person,than the one i was , before i joined the course.

HELLO MAM, I hope u are on high spirits and doing well both personally and professionally.... IT was a very pleasant, different and quite useful experience for me to join Sangeeta’s personality development and grooming classes. After the course i feel much confident, presentable in front of peers and daring towards my fears. I feel very well known to my own internal self and this will help me life long. I have developed a fresh and healthy perspective towards my self, all the credit goes to Sangeeta mam , whose personal efforts made it possible. I am very thankful to her :-). with best regards

Made me a good human being & helped me to tackle the day to day situations. Very positive & encouraging learning environment .

Mene yaha se bahut kuch shikha ,bathne uthane ka tarika , dusre ko attend matlab saame wale ko kese attend karna , clothes pehne ka tarika , baat karne ka salika ! shikha . aaj mene bahut saalo purani khawaisey or echa puri kar ke ja rahi hu . mai dil se kah rahi hu aaj meri kafi khawaiesh puri hue hai . aaj mai bahut khush hu .thanks